In this Blog Mr. Harweck, responsible for anodizing samples for evaluation in the Surfaces division of AMAG's R&D, tells us about his field of activity 'anodizing laboratory'.

Essentially, Mr. Harweck prepares samples for further assessment by the technicians. These may be anodizing samples or pickling samples, depending on what is required. We have precise specifications regarding which parameters must be configured for each sample.


For example... gloss products for diverse applications in the lighting and decorative parts industries, surface-sensitive products for façade construction or pickling wafers from rolling slabs, in order to identify the structure better. Mr. Harweck also receives a wide variety samples from our technicians, when new products are being developed or existing ones improved.

Mr. Harweck at his passion
Mr. Harweck at his passion

For example the first step for a sheet to be processed for a façade is to determine the pickling time. This is done with a reference sample, which is weighed and then weighed again. The weight difference allows to calculate how long the sample needs to stay in the pickling solution in order to ensure a defined removal volume. The sample is then pickled and immediately rinsed with water. It is then etched – that is, cleaned with diluted nitric acid, in order to stop the pickling process. It is rinsed once more with water and then anodized in the anodizing basin. It is still not finished, though: the sample is rinsed again and then the final step is to seal it in hot desalinated water (hot sealing).

High quality is essential for anodizing or pickling samples.
High quality is essential for anodizing or pickling samples.

Of course, there are simpler procedures. For example, only pickling might be required. However, higher costs are justified for surface-sensitive products in order to guarantee good quality.

Most of all, I love the autonomy and the organization that is necessary to process samples on schedule.

Mr. Harweck, responsible for anodizing samples for evaluation in the Surfaces division of AMAG's R&D

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