33 meters high and 144 meters long: With the addition of AMAG’s new high-bay rolling slab warehouse, the most advanced rolling mill in all of Europe will now be equipped with a unique materials handling system.

The new high-bay rolling slab warehouse marks the completion of the “AMAG 2020” investment project, which also encompasses the new cold rolling mill and the expansion of the final plants and casting facilities.

Work started on the construction of the plant in October 2018 and it was commissioned in September 2019. The stripes on the facade of the building symbolizing the horizontal rolling slabs. “AMAGgreen” indicates the resource-friendly process used to manufacture AMAG rolling slabs.


Numerous future benefits:

  • improved work safety
  • less internal forklift traffic
  • no manual restacking
  • space-saving storageaccess to all required slabs at any time
  • reduced stock levels
high-bay warehouse
new high-bay warehouse of AMAG for rolling slabs

Function of the high-bay warehouse

The rolling slabs are transported from the AMAG foundry to the transfer station, where they are automatically measured prior to storage. The rolling slabs are then deposited in the warehouse. Approximately 900 rolling slabs can be stored on 26 levels. The warehouse management system ensures an even distribution of weight so that the bays, which are connected to each other at roof height, can optimally support each other. It also optimizes the picking sequence to eliminate unnecessary waiting times. An automated storage and retrieval system weighing approximately 100 tons is used to transport the slabs in the high-bay warehouse.


Whenever rolling slabs are requested from the hot rolling mill, the automated storage and retrieval system transfers them to the slab manipulator. This transports the rolling slabs to the transfer station in the hot rolling mill via the Al4you tunnel at a height of approximately ten meters.

high-bay warehouse
The new high-bay warehouse with our AL4you tunnel and the hot rolling mill in the foreground.

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