AMAG aerospace sheet is not just used for large commercial aircraft – it is also used for light aircraft. The quality requirements are comparable.

The family-owned company I.C.P. Srl was founded in 1980, currently has 50 employees, and is Italy's second-largest light aircraft manufacturer. The aircraft are built from 100 % aluminium, using AMAG series 6xxx and 2xxx aluminium sheets. The qualitative requirements applied to these aerospace sheets are comparable to those for the materials used in large commercial aircraft.

Our aircraft are constructed from 100 % aluminium and stand out thanks to their reliability.


Tancredi Razzano, owner of I.C.P. Srl

DIY kit available

The aircraft are also available in kit form for the ambitious hobbyist. The DIY kit current  accounts for about 60 % of the volume.


Picture: Tancredi and Francesca Razzano with an I.C.P.  cutted and formed part out of AMAG aluminium.

Quality and Safety

The I.C.P. aircraft are valued first and foremost for their safety and reliability, and are therefore popular for flight training schools. Their safety features include a parachute that enables the aircraft to glide to the ground in an emergency.


Picture: Gabriele Razzano, tech. management, tests the completed aircraft

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