AMAG invests in a new high-bay warehouse for aluminium rolling slabs, thereby reducing the use of forklift trucks and consequently decreasing energy consumption and emissions (CO2, nitrogen oxides). The project has now been awarded by the Austrian Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT).

Have you ever tried to lift 20 tonnes?  – it definitely demands some strength!


The starting material for every sheet and every plate is a slab weighing up to 20 tonnes. These heavyweights have to be continuously transported from the foundry to the rolling mills or to the plate manufacturing area. Which is no easy job – even for special forklifts.


To this is added the fact that conventional warehousing in stacks necessitates a certain amount of handling in order to always have the right rolling slab available along with the appropriate alloy.



Fully automatically and energy-efficiently thanks to high-bay warehouses


AMAG's new high-bay warehouse now considerably simplifies and optimises stacking work. Once the lifts have delivered a rolling slab to the warehouse, the fully automated slab manipulator handles all further allocations and restacking.


In the future, deliveries to the slab mill will also be handled by way of a fully automated slab transport vehicle, including a crane system with special tongs. This enables significant diesel fuel savings, as the heavy slabs guzzle the forklifts' fuel despite the short distance involved.

Excellent for the environment


This project achieves considerable diesel savings. Overall fuel consumption will reduce by around 37,000 litres per year.



This will save

around 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year

around 147 kg of nitrogen oxide per year


around 128 MWh of energy per year.


This environmental protection commitment also convinced the Austrian Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT), which awarded AMAG rolling as part of the "Climate Active Mobile" climate protection campaign.





Side view of the planned high-bay warehouse, directly next to the new cold rolling mill - "Climate Active Mobile" climate protection campaign
Side view of the planned high-bay warehouse (left), directly next to the new cold rolling mill (right)

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