Packagings with aluminum foil are high-tech products which have to meet highest standards.

Aluminum foil is an important part of everyday life

Aluminum foil is the lightest packaging material that prevents the ingress of light, gases, and moisture at the same time. Therefore, it is an important part of many packaging solutions.
Whether yoghurt cup lids, pet food containers, blister foils for drug packaging, chocolate packaging and much more. All these final products are very specific and place the highest demands on the starting material and on the subsequent processing.

The technical challenges are diverse. For example, to protect the packaged goods from light and other factors even the thinnest foil must represent a good barrier from contact with oxygen or UV. Currently we achieve below 5 μm foil thickness.

Dr. Gerold Riegler, COO of Constantia Flexibles Group

Partnership as a decisive factor

Packaging manufacturers such as Constantia Flexibles know the packaging market and the customer's requirements exactly. In a close partnership, Constantia Flexibles and AMAG are further developing the foil pre-rolled strip based on this knowledge. Together, the raw material can be optimally adapted to the product requirements by means of appropriate alloy modifications and process management.

With AMAG we have developed a real „convenience partnership“, which makes
the cooperation and development of new products much easier.

Dr. Gerold Riegler, COO of Constantia Flexibles Group

Sustainability and closed loop recycling

Constantia Flexibles sees it as its duty to society and the environment to continuously improve the sustainability of its products, while the packaging continues to fulfill its essential and important tasks.

An important aspect the sustainability strategy is the joint membership of AMAG and Constantia Flexibles in the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI), which sets sustainable standards along the entire value chain.


In addition, Constantia Flexibles and AMAG are active in closed loop recycling. Part of the production waste generated at Constantia Flexibles will be returned to AMAG, thus keeping the precious aluminum material in circulation.



AMAG is an important strategic partner in our long-term growth strategy. This contract and the new product range will allow us to optimize our use of resources and support our innovation activities.

Alexander Baumgartner, CEO of Constantia Flexibles - upon signing the new multi-year contract

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