AMAG TopGrip® treadplates provide slip-resistance even under the most extreme conditions. They meet the highest demands in terms of material quality and safety – and are now installed on global market leader Liebherr's mobile cranes.

Safety with every step.

AMAG's aluminium treadplates are lightweight yet tough. They don't just look good; they're also safe. Five different design patterns, a variety of naturally-hard or high-strength alloys and a wide range of available dimensions make them optimal solutions for every kind of application: from cable car gondolas to wind turbines, from interior design to vehicle manufacture.


The technical implementation and product development is supported by AMAG's specialist expertise — and now the world's market leader for mobile cranes is placing their trust in AMAG quality. You can now see innovative AMAG treadplates in use on Liebherr's special-purpose vehicles. The crane manufacturer obtains the treadplates from Ulmer Stahlgroßhandel Jacob Bek GmbH, in Ulm, Germany.

The unique AMAG TopGrip pattern
The unique AMAG TopGrip pattern

Non-slip in wet, dirt and ice

Liebherr is a world-renowned crane manufacturer and insists on the highest safety standards. That's why they turned to Bek in search of aluminium plates with better slip resistance. Bek suggested the AMAG TopGrip® – the treadplate whose special design makes it especially slip-resistant under even the toughest of conditions: wet, dirt, snow and ice.


A treadplate that sets new standards

In 2017, Liebherr began the gradual conversion to AMAG TopGrip® for its mobile crane treadplates. The innovative Liebherr mobile cranes manage loads of up to 3,000 metric tonnes with lifting heights of over 200 meters. By installing AMAG TopGrip® treadplates, the leading crane manufacturer is setting a new standard for safety in the sector. Flexible options for combining material characteristics, specific design patterns and a variety of tolerances, plus compliance with the highest quality standards make AMAG the ideal partner for innovative new developments and special constructions.

Together we have succeeded in setting a new safety standard on mobile cranes.

Managing Director Dr. Hamme, Construction and development, Liebherr

Liebherr LRT - safer with AMAG TopGrip

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