The rising Star. AMAG is proud to announce Al4®ever. Al4®ever is a family of aluminium flat rolled and cast products with an overall CO2 footprint per ton of aluminium below 4 – cradle to gate.

Recycling is an established area of strength for AMAG. With state-of-the-art scrap analysis and sorting technology, as well as many different melting and casting furnaces, AMAG has been able to maintain the average scrap input in the products manufactured in Ranshofen at 75 - 80 % for years, even with increasing production volumes. This is an international benchmark.


If one compares the energy input required to manufacture an aluminium product via the primary metal route (incl. bauxite mining, alumina production and fused-salt electrolysis) with that via aluminium recycling, the recycling route only has around 5 - 10 % of the energy requirement. This is the reason why most of AMAG's customers in the past decade have primarily asked about the recycled content in the alloys and have thus carried out a sustainability assessment. AMAG has noticed that customers from the automotive and aviation sectors, from the packaging sector, but also many B2C customers, have recently paid great attention to the carbon footprint. Products with a lower CO2 footprint are more climate-friendly than others.

A brand name is born.

Sustainably produced aluminium, long-lasting quality product, high recycled content, low CO2 footprint, closed-loop recycling, climate-friendly... an addition to the well-known AMAG brand essence Al4® (Aluminium for ...) literally offers itself: (named: aluminium forever!)

The rising Star.

AMAG is proud to announce Al4®ever. Al4®ever is a family of aluminium flat rolled and cast products with an overall CO2 footprint per ton of aluminium below 4 – cradle to gate. By wisely combining our all levers described above, products within the Al4®ever portfolio are manufactured so that their environmental impact is as low as possible.

But AMAG wanted to offer much more and consequently set an even more ambitious target in terms of low carbon footprint. As a result, some alloys in this category are becoming more planet friendly because their carbon footprint falls under the threshold of 2 t CO2 / t Al. This achievement deserves its accolade and at AMAG we call it “AMAG AL4 ever Star”.

For our sheet products, coils and everything else we produce, AMAG can provide relevant information for their customers. It is a certificate stating that the goods have been manufactured with a CO2 footprint “below” a certain value. This has been possible as AMAG recently started monitoring and documenting how much CO2 is added at every single stage of production. In real terms, this means that all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions are traceable.


Customer benefit.

AMAG supports their clients in becoming climate neutral. Climate neutrality is on the AMAG agenda with high priority. Al4®ever, a family of products with less than 4 t CO2 / t Al, is a clear commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and adoption of the latest technologies. We strive to supply our customers with products which have a low CO2 content where we efficiently combine and process primary aluminium and recycled content. AL4®ever, products with less than 2 t CO2 / t Al, enhances the quality of our supplied products even further. In a documented way and supported by certifications, on the right path to climate neutrality.

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