Wind energy is a clean, efficient, and comparatively cost-effective form of power generation. Therefore, electricity from wind turbines is central to the success of the energy transition. By using sustainable materials, it’s possible to further improve the environmental footprint of wind turbines, and thus of the energy generated with them.

AMAG AL4® Grip, AMAG’s tread plate portfolio, represents another contribution to achieving this goal. AMAG tread plates rely on environmentally friendly, sustainable production and are durable and recyclable, thus making a valuable contribution to reducing these products’ ecological footprint over their entire life cycle.





Wind turbines can be located at heights of over 100 m, so work at great heights, for example for maintenance, is on the daily agenda. For this to be performed safely, it is crucial for platforms, floor sections, and ladders/stairs to be highly slip resistant.

AMAG TopGrip®
AMAG TopGrip®

The products in the AMAG AL4® Grip portfolio are particularly suited to these applications, thanks to the excellent slip resistance provided by their tread pattern and surface properties. The high displacement spaces, i.e. hollow spaces that the tread pattern creates between the

sole of the shoe and the flooring, also help maintain slip resistance even when slippery substances (like water or oil) are present on the tread plates.


AMAG’s goal is to further improve the sustainability features of its tread plate
portfolio. For this purpose, as part of the SoDA (Science of Dirty Alloys) development project, an AMAG technology team is currently working on optimizing the chemical composition of the 5754 alloy tread plates to increase the recycled content, which already exceeds 75 %, even further without negatively affecting the material properties. This project is one of a series of ongoing research efforts AMAG is pursuing as part of the implementation of its sustainability strategy – all with the goal of making the manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible.



With its different product variants, AMAG AL4® Grip, AMAG’s tread plate portfolio, offers a favorable life-cycle assessment, alongside maximum slip resistance, the tightest shape tolerances, consistent mechanical properties, improved surface quality, and good processability and bendability. Once again, AMAG demonstrates that environmental and economic goals can go hand-in-hand, and a high recycled content is fully compatible with excellent product quality and outstanding material properties.

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