A statement from Dr. Peter J. Uggowitzer

Since 2008, the Scientific Advisory Board with its 5 members has been a constant and above all important companion of AMAG.


an enrichment for reasearch at AMAG

We view ourselves as an extended academic arm of AMAG's R&D group, and as such, we initiate and support scientifically-oriented R&D projects, typically in the form of PhD projects, and we are also there to help the R&D staff with specialist problems whenever needed. In addition to this, we study the latest specialist literature and let the relevant AMAG staff know about important publications or patent applications. At the same time, we also see ourselves as technology scouts – we aim to spot changes and potential in the world of aluminium early on, and work together with the management board to evaluate their possibilities. Additionally, we submit an R&D strategy recommendation to the board, in which we aim to identify the R&D sectors where increased activity seems indicated.


one board - a lot of expertise

From the start, we have emphasized the need for the Scientific Advisory Board to include representatives from all parts of the process chain necessary to cover AMAG's current specialist themes. What this means is that the Scientific Advisory Board comprises both fundamental researchers and those whose expertise is more application oriented. In addition to the Montanuniversität professors interviewed here, the board boasts professors from TU Wien, TU Graz and the Max Planck Institute in Dusseldorf.

Dr. Uggowitzer is a founding member of AMAG's Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Peter J. Uggowitzer, chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of AMAG

digital twin

An example of a successful, scientifically accompanied project is the digital simulation of the progress of key AMAG products throughout the production process.


Today, the complete process chain at AMAG

  • design of the alloy
  • casting
  • hot and cold rolling
  • heat treatment
  • and surface finish

can be modeled digitally.

I would very much like to emphasize that the Scentific Advisory Board members do not just complement each other well in terms of expertise: They also work to establish good personal friendships and are always keen for dialogue and close collaboration. I believe that this is a key feature of the particular quality of AMAG's Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Peter J. Uggowitzer, ETH Zürich

The complete Scientific Advisory Board of AMAG
The team from left to right: Dr. Christian Sommitsch (Technische Universität Graz), Dr. Peter J. Uggowitzer (ETH Zürich), Dr. Stefan Pogatscher (Montanuniversität Leoben), Dr. Dierk Raabe (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH), Dr. Helmut Antrekowitsch (Montanuniversität Leoben) and Dr. Ernst Kozeschnik (Technische Universität Wien)

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