For many years, the AMAG brand has stood for highest customer orientation, flexibility and speed in the fulfillment of customer requirements. The new AMAG brand portfolio meets this promise in a structured fashion.

Two brand families under the umbrella of the AMAG name are unveiled that specifically relate to the different requirements in the areas of sustainability and specialization.

    • Quality
    • Reliability
    • Flexibility
    • Sustainable production
    • Technological competency
    • Innovative strength
    • Broad product portfolio


    Special aluminium products for specific requirements in various industries and for a diverse set of applications.

    • Optimized for each specific application
    • Best possible process and machinability
    • Convincing specific mechanical properties
    • Continuous enhancement and adaptation to customer requirements
    • Professional consultancy regarding the right product choice, particularly for special and novel applications


    The best choice whenever sustainability, environmental friendliness and the conservation of natural resources is demanded.

    • Highest possible rate of recycled material in the input material mix: With a 75 - 80% share of recycled material in the raw material sourced and considering the broad product portfolio, AMAG is the world leader in recycling. And if that's not enough, we also offer special materials with a recycled content of 90% or more on request.
    • Primary aluminium produced using hydropower: The Alouette Facility with its excellent energy and CO2 balance complements our sustainable raw material supply with primary aluminium, thereby enabling us to offer end to end "green" aluminum
    • Closed-loop partnerships
    • Certified according to the ASI Performance Standard
    • Active sustainability management and continuous optimization of the environmental protection measures






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