AMAG contributes to the promotion of the common good through the deployment of financial resources, material donations and donations in kind, personal involvement and voluntary initiatives.

The company’s integration into the local community is of particular importance, as 81 % of our employees are resident in Austria. The objective of social compliance is to reach a balanced mix of as many stakeholder groups as possible.

For AMAG, important stakeholders include groups, institutions or individuals with which the company has a direct or indirect relationship through its business activities, and which consequently have an interest in AMAG's activities. Stakeholders include employees, business partners such as customers, suppliers and representatives from science and research, shareholders and investors, government bodies and the general public. Firstly, it is important to us to have an open and constructive exchange and thereby promote mutual understanding and trust. Secondly, issues that are significant from our stakeholders' point of view and in terms of sustainable corporate development are only identified through continuous dialogue.

Stakeholders are involved in an ongoing manner. In addition to the online stakeholder survey conducted annually to date via the website, a wide variety of dialogue formats are used. These include questionnaires (e.g. via social media, employee app), annual target attainment discussions with employees, personal discussions and dialogue at local, national and international level about cooperation in bodies and associations, topically related stakeholder events at the Ranshofen site, participation in trade fairs and conferences, and communication through social media.

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Memberships and partnerships

AMAG draws on the expertise offered by global initiatives and networks, while at the same time contributing its own expertise. The company cooperates with industry and aluminium associations in order to create a level playing field in aluminium production, among other objectives. It also supports the development of international framework legislation on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, and actively participates in the debate on solutions to these challenges.

Furthermore, AMAG is actively involved in initiatives aimed at promoting the recycling of aluminium and material responsibility, and is a founding member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI).

Regional and social commitment

Support for local communities forms part of stakeholder engagement. As a leading company within the region, AMAG meets its social responsibility by deploying financial resources, and by making donations of materials and other tangible assets. The building blocks are donations, sponsoring and the commitment of employees.Sponsorship activities in the vicinity of the company Headquarters cover the four areas of education, social affairs, sports and culture. The development and further training of children, young people and adults is promoted as part of educational sponsorship. Many projects in the social sphere are supported, including as part of the AMAG Social Award. Another part of the spending is devoted to sport, in particular youth development and local sporting events. Various cultural institutions are supported as part of cultural sponsorship.

AMAG-Social Prize

Employees can become socially involved as part of the annual AMAG Social Prize. The main aim is to highlight the value of voluntary work. Employees are invited to submit social projects for consideration by an independent jury which decides whether to provide support. The key criterion is that aid should directly benefit disadvantaged individuals or people in need within the region. Support is given in the form of financial or in-kind donations to organisations (such as hospitals or nursing homes) or individuals.

Spending on local suppliers and regional added value

In the 2020 financial year, significant orders worth EUR 93.6 million were placed in Upper Austria (2019: EUR 82.6 million), of which EUR 49.1 million were placed in the Innviertel region (2019: EUR 51.3 million). Thanks to the high proportion of orders awarded locally and the prominent presence of suppliers’ personnel at the site (accommodation, gastronomy, commerce), companies within the region and the federal state of Upper Austria benefit from the growth path of AMAG.

Since the 2017 reporting year, we have published a summarized non-financial statement in our management report, thereby fulfilling our reporting obligation in accordance with the Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG). It summarizes the essential information for AMAG on the five required aspects of environmental issues, employee issues, social issues, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and bribery.