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Training and development

The skills and competencies of employees are crucial for profitable growth and lasting success. Increasing competition and demographic change present companies with major challenges. New technologies, equipment and plant, as well as digitalisation trends signify greater demands made of employees. Against this backdrop, it is of central importance for AMAG to invest in the training and development of its employees, to offer them opportunities and to promote continuous learning. Establishing a new “learning culture” and integrating learning into everyday working life constitute the fundamental challenges in this context.




The principles of personnel policy include competency-oriented and sustainable employee development based on individual operational requirements and ensured by tailored training and development measures. The objective is to build a future-oriented, learning organisation. The task of personnel development is to further develop the skills and talents of employees in line with requirements, thereby making a significant contribution to the company’s success. The Human Resources Development function acts as the first point of contact for all employee development issues and covers both training and development measures in the conventional sense (including professional licences, seminars, courses, training sessions, workshops, coaching) and employee qualification through digital learning formats. Guidelines and instruments have been implemented in the personnel area for this purpose. The training and development courses are intended to ensure a sustained transfer of knowledge and the necessary qualifications in accordance with legal regulations, internal company guidelines and customer requirements. 

For more informations, please see annual report 2021


Target 2021: 

  • Qualification and development of all employees: Increase the number of training and development courses to an average of two days per employee in 2021

Central measures:

  • “Apprenticeship at AMAG. Apprenticeship with Future” – a project that was launched with related recommendations for actions being derived accordingly
  • Digital learning successfully developed further
  • Personnel development: Revision of internal training programs and supplementary training and development opportunities in the AMAG training catalogue

2022 target / medium term:

  • Qualification and development of all employees: Increase the number of training and development courses to an average of two days per employee in 2022



The COVID-19 pandemic had a decisive influence on the training and development measures in the 2021 reporting year. Employees completed a total of 37,012 training hours in the 2021 reporting year (2020: 24,247). The average annual training and development hours per employee amounted to 18 hours. The high number of 359 training hours in the case of apprentices is due to external training at the Braunau Training Centre. This registration does not include training and development hours as part of the Alu-Academy and participation in lectures and conferences. Due to short-time working at AMAG components, no training and development hours were taken up in Karlsruhe and Übersee.