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Equal opportunities & diversity

Demographic change, the growing individualisation of lifestyles and a fundamental shift in values are aspects associated with a more diverse society. This new diversity presents companies with challenges while contributing value added to the process of collaboration. Promoting diversity and equal opportunities within the company is a key factor for success.




As part of human resources management, care is taken to ensure discrimination-free workplaces for suitable employees regardless of age, gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, origin, religion or disability. The commitment to non-discriminatory treatment is anchored in the code of conduct and supports all AMAG employees in carrying out their activities in a morally, legally and ethically impeccable manner. AMAG takes its lead from the UN Charter in this context, as well as from the European Convention on Human Rights. All employees have the opportunity of reporting suspected discriminatory treatment to the compliance manager, or through a compliance hotline. This option is also open to all the company’s business partners.


AMAG offers its employees fair basic wages and salaries which duly compensate the respective performance. In terms of its compensation policy, emphasis is placed on rigorous equal gender treatment. The bonus system for managers includes performance-based salary components and consists of monetary targets and individual performance contributions. An applicant database enhances transparency in the application process through digitally managing all internal and external job vacancies. Alongside professional skills and commitment, importance is placed when selecting personnel on the candidate’s identification with AMAG’s corporate culture which is characterised by respect, working together in a spirit of appreciation and innovative capability.


Measures to reconcile work and family life include, for example, an annual childcare holiday campaign and flexible working time models ranging from flexitime and part-time models to semi-retirement. AMAG is committed to equal opportunities and supports the involvement of women in technology. Recruitment activities in the production area, in particular, take special account of raising the proportion of women. In addition, alliances with schools have been established to elicit greater interest from young women in technical professions.


For more informations, please see annual report 2021


Targets 2021: 

  • Open approach to diversity and promotion of equal opportunities

Central measures:

  • The introduction of teleworking in 2020 enabled many employees to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and represented an important milestone in the advancement of a modern working environment.
  • In order to promote the potential of female specialist/technical staff, two female pupils in their fourth year were accompanied as part of a mentoring program for pupils at engineering-focused secondary schools. Launched in July 2021, the program aims to specifically promote young women employees in technical professions. The pupils were accompanied in a structured manner by AMAG mentors over a three-semester period, and insights into the company are provided during a 4-week holiday internship.
  • In order to support committed students with an immigrant background, AMAG once again took on a “Start” scholarship sponsorship. The scholarship program accompanies committed students from different countries of origin through to the secondary school leaving exam. In addition to an educational contribution, a variety of workshops and seminars are also offered. As part of the “Changeover” project, one teacher also moved from the classroom to AMAG for a year to gain an insight into the business world. As a team member of the personnel development area, she gained new insights into digital learning so that she can now provide pupils with practical information on everyday working life.

2022 target / medium term:


Open approach to diversity and promotion of equal opportunities through:

  • Making technical professions more attractive for women
  • Increasing the number of female apprentices in the industrial area to a share of 20 % by 2024
  • Increasing the proportion of women in management positions (senior management) to the average proportion of women in the company by 2024



As in previous years, no cases of discrimination were reported in the reporting year 2021.

The heavily industrialised structure of the company naturally determines that the workforce employed is composed as follows: 62 % industrial workers, 35 % salaried employees and 3 % apprentices. In terms of geographic distribution, most of the workforce is based in Austria.


In total, the AMAG workforce comprises 28 nationalities, including 65 % of employees from Austria, 28 % from Germany and 7 % from other nations. At senior management level (this corresponds to individuals in the first management level below the Management Board and the managing directors), around 76 % managers come from Austria.


Of the employees, 15 % were women (2020: 14 %), and the proportion of women in management positions rose to 12 % (2020: 10 %). AMAG pursues the goal of consistently increasing the share of women. As of the reporting date on December 31, 2021, the proportion of women in the apprentice category stood at 23 % (2020: 23 %). AMAG records the employment rate of people with disabilities in accordance with the Disability Employment Act (BEinstG).


As of December 31, 2021, a total of 3 % of AMAG’s employees were registered disabled individuals (2020: 3 %). The workforce “aged” slightly in the reporting year 2021.


The average age of the workforce was 38.9 years (2020: 38.3 years). The age structure is relatively well balanced. In the reporting period, 56 % of the industrial workers were between 30 and 50 years old, 22 % below 30 years old and 22 % over 50 years old. Of the salaried employees, 57 % were between 30 and 50 years old, 18 % below 30 years old and 25 % more than 50 years old.

Since the 2017 reporting year, we have published a summarized non-financial statement in our management report, thereby fulfilling our reporting obligation in accordance with the Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG). It summarizes the essential information for AMAG on the five required aspects of environmental issues, employee issues, social issues, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and bribery.