Customer relationship & consistent customer orientation

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Customer relationship & consistent customer orientation

Customer expectations are crucial to AMAG’s product development, service and quality assurance.

Accordingly, AMAG has set itself the goal of further deepening its understanding of customer requirements and customer relations. The company thereby aims to improve its processes and Performance and to prove compelling to customers through excellent service. AMAG’s customers are active in various industries, such as the transport industry with a focus on the aviation and automotive sectors, the construction and mechanical engineering industry, the sporting goods and electronics industry and the packaging industry, as well as renewable energy generation. Sustainable long-standing customer relationships create a trusting basis for collaboration and the expansion of business relationships.

AMAG works closely with customers on new product development. Such ongoing development work and the long-term nature of the partnerships concerned thereby form the basis for the company’s sustainable growth.

One frequently declared objective of customers is for products with the smallest possible CO2 footprintor energy investment. As recycling delivers energy savings of up to 95 % by comparison with primaryaluminium, it also holds great potential for reducing CO2. Commanding more than 30 years' experienceof recycling and materials know-how, AMAG is capable of delivering the highest possible percentageof scrap for comparable performance, thereby helping its customers to achieve optimumresults. Thanks to the existing technological process chain and expertise, ranging from samples andscrap preparation to the highly technical melting of contaminated scrap, AMAG produces high-qualityproducts with a high recycling content.

AMAG’s special strength lies in its employees’ creative potential and commitment. The continuous improvement process (CIP) gives them the opportunity to play an active role in shaping working processes. If the employees’ suggested improvements are implemented successfully, they receive bonuses based on the proposals’ net benefit. This actively promotes a culture of change and constant improvement.


A total of 10,272 suggestions for improvements were submitted in 2020. The implementation rate stood at 76 %.


When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, all CIP meetings and workshops had to be heavily curtailed from March 2020, which led to a noticeable decline in the suggestions for improvements. The resumption of CIP meetings and workshops subject to the specified safety measures in the CIP centre was not able to wholly make up for the collapse in suggestions.

Since the 2017 reporting year, we have published a summarized non-financial statement in our management report, thereby fulfilling our reporting obligation in accordance with the Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG). It summarizes the essential information for AMAG on the five required aspects of environmental issues, employee issues, social issues, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and bribery.